What you'll learn

  • How to pronounce the Spanish alphabet

  • How to pronounce accented letters

  • How to pronounce diphthongs and double letters

  • How to pronounce more challenging letter combinations

  • How to spell words correctly just by hearing them and more!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    How to Sound like a Native

    • The Alphabet

    • Pronouncing Vowels

    • Pronouncing the letter "H"

    • Pronouncing "Ñ"

    • The letter "LL" vs the letter "Y"

    • Pronouncing "Que/Qui" and "Gue/Gui" pt 1

    • Pronouncing "Que/Qui" and "Gue/Gui" pt 2

    • The letter "G" vs the letter "J"

    • The letter "C" vs the letter "Z"

    • Accents: Palabras Agudas

    • Accents: Palabras Llanas

    • Accents: Palabras Esdrújulas y Sobreesdrújulas

    • Practicing Common Words

    • Dictation Exercise

    • Tongue Twisters

    • Final Dictation Exercise

    • Last Words


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